Cyber Infrastructure

This is a Rich Reflection for W. Gardner Campbell’s “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” and “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure revisited.” These pieces resonated very deeply with me.  I read A Personal Cyberinfrastructure and was instantly transported back to reflect on my own higher ed experience.  I have to admit, I felt kind of cheated: “Yet higher education largely […]

ED659 Final Project

As the semester winds down, I’ve been spending most of my time wrapping up my first two classes as an ONID student.  It has been a new and enlightening experience — one that has helped establish a great foundation for future classes.  This being said, I had a lot of fun applying what I have learned […]

Mobile Device

For this assignment I had the option of either using my Android phone or Apple iPad mini.  I’m pretty familiar with Apple mobile devices and the Apple App Store, however, I’m still a newbie when it comes to Android devices and Google Play Apps.  That being said, I figured I would use this mobile app […]


For my ED659 Screencast assignment, I chose to focus on some of the features available on Adobe Acrobat X.  The University of Alaska Southeast Sitka has been migrating towards a paperless system, so many of our forms are electronic (be it for a Leave Request, a Room Request, or a Purchase Requestion, to name a few). […]

Screen Capture

As an Administrative Assistant at the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka, a significant part of my job is maintaining proficiency in use of various technology and programs, and facilitating training in these areas for staff and faculty.  Unfortunately, not all of the technology and programs we use are user-friendly.  I figured I would use this Screen Capture […]

Video Production

The following videos were created as part of the ED659 Video Production assignment. The first video I filmed (How to Bottle Beer) was captured using a Nikon Coolpix S3000 digital camera and a tripod.  However, due to some unfortunate camera malfunctions, the other two videos (How to Keg Beer and How to Pour Beer) were captured using my Samsung […]

Web Album

Like Katie, I also opted to create my Web Album using Google+ instead of Picasa 3.  Overall, I found the process to be self-explanatory.  I saved the photos I wished to use onto my Desktop, and then used the drag and drop method to upload them to Google+.  Before posting, Google+ gave me the option […]

Spawned Out


The following photos were taken as part of the ED659 Photography assignment.  All six (6) photographs were taken using a Nikon Coolpix S3000 digital camera.  All edits were made using Google’s Picasa software.  Photos can be viewed at a larger size by clicking on photo previews below. On Saturday, September 20th, I enjoyed taking my […]