This podcast assignment was one I had been looking forward to all semester.  It comes as a creative breath of fresh air after working on other research-heavy and writing-centric assignments.  Though this assignment did include it’s fair share of research and writing, I found that because I was able to apply myself in a creative […]

Google Docs Survey

Overview Since it’s creation in 2005, YouTube has not only become the most popular video-hosting website on the Internet, but it currently ranks as the 3rd most visited website in the world according to Alexa.com (YouTube Site Overview, 2014).  I myself have been using YouTube to watch and upload videos for personal entertainment since it […]

Web Presence

To me, the definition of web presence is how you are represented online. Think of it as your digital identity, comprised of online data about you.  Some of the data you purposely share yourself (e.g., posting on Facebook, writing a blog entry, etc.), while other data is shared out of your immediate control (e.g., having […]