ED659 Final Project

As the semester winds down, I’ve been spending most of my time wrapping up my first two classes as an ONID student.  It has been a new and enlightening experience — one that has helped establish a great foundation for future classes.  This being said, I had a lot of fun applying what I have learned in ED659 to my final project:

The UAS-Sitka Wellness Website & Blog

Despite not being an educator myself [yet!], I take great pride in the what I bring to the University culture as an Administrative Assistant.  It was important to me during this semester to complete assignments that also have the potential to be useful in my line of work.  The criteria for my final project was no different.  Starting in January, myself and a few others will be revamping the Sitka Campus Wellness program as a resource for UAS employees.

Currently, the website focuses mostly on resources for physical wellness that are already available (e.g. the Wellness Center…or “the gym”).  You will notice I’ve posted several items repeatedly, one as a blog entry and the other one a static page.  This was mostly done to exemplify what the page will look like as more blog entries are produced.  As this program evolves to cover branches of wellness, you can expect to see more pages and blog categories.

  • All the photographs (including the headers) were taken myself with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active smartphone and edited using a website called PicMonkey.com .
  • The video “Wellness Center: Rights and Wrongs” were also recorded using my smartphone.  All edits were done using Windows Movie Maker.
  • The BOSU instructional workout pages were made using Microsoft Word, which were then converted to Adobe PDFs.
  • The Wellness Center scroll-able panorama was made with Closr.com, while the Virtual Tour was made using built in software on my smartphone.
  • Finally, the UA Online screen capture was created using Camtasia Studio 8.

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