Étude de la Musique

An audio assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank:

“Music is a powerful force that can change the mood and even the meaning of the visual media you are working with.  In this assignment you are to take a video and include at least 3 pieces of music to the sound track to illustrate how they each can bring about a different mood to the viewer.”

The original video:

Demo dancing video x LUC CHIEFARE from Luc Chiefare on Vimeo.

My remix with different styles of music:

 Étude de la Musique by Hailey Barger


Both the video and music used for this assignment are licensed under the Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0.


2 comments on “Étude de la Musique

  1. I love the combinations in your remix…there are some moments where I found myself thinking “perfect” in terms of the combination and the timing. Nice.

  2. And thanks for the explicit Creative Commons attribution…we’ll (obviously) cover CC licenses and such as part of the course, so it’s nice to see it appear early!

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