Fire Away!

So here is where I get to ask questions about ADA and ADA-related things that I can’t answer. Overall, between reading the required material and putting a solid effort in the Understanding the ADA assignment, I feel like a have a pretty solid foundation.  However, since this kind of stuff is really determined on a case-by-case basis, there were some parts that I haven’t quite grasped yet.  Answers for these questions probably involve hypothetical situations that I just haven’t thought of yet.

Question 1:  I understand the ADA exists as a way to equalize opportunities between able and disabled people, not favor one group over the other.  However, what kinds of regulations exist to keep people from faking a disability in order to “gain benefits” (e.g. less work hours, better parking, etc).


Question 2: What is the procedure for adding new disabilities protected by the ADA and who gets to make the decision?  How about IDEA?


Question 3: If a disability is intermittent or temporary, how flexible does Title II of the ADA require schools to be? Is it possible that too much flexibility can result in unreasonable accommodations?

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