Getting Productive with Feedly

Screenshot from Hailey's Feedly

I’ve been using Feedly since around Collection II of this class thanks to a lot of help from Chris.  I don’t think it would’ve gone as smoothly if Chris didn’t supply me with some instructions and a pre-made OPML file with all the info for the Summer 2015 Nousioners.  However, once everything was set up, it was proven to be an invaluable tool for this class.

Overall, the layout is very simple and user-friendly.  It’s great to have a feed that displays both new posts and new comments from every single one of my classmate’s blogs.  For me, Feedly kind of behaves like a checklist where I can keep track of the things I’ve read/responded to.  If I have read something, I mark it as read and I’m left with a list of things that are on my “to-do” list.

If I’m curious about a specific classmate, the navigation bar on the left-hand side allows me to filter material by author — both content posted by that author and comments left for the author.  This is beneficial if I know I’m looking for a specific assignment by (or a specific comment for) a Nousionite.  It saves me time by giving me a list of assignments instead of searching back through posts on the person’s blog.

Feedly is like the one-stop shop of staying connected and engaged with my classmates.

I can see this site being beneficial for the rest of my Online Innovation and Design education, as this e-Learning program is all about using technology to connect with others and harboring digital citizenship skills.  Feedly allows me to make multiple collections, so I could make a collection for each class if I wanted to!

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