Hooray for Infographics

This is a brief Think About Your Thinking blog post.

I can honestly say that I have never delved this deep into the Americans With Disabilities Act (and surrounding subjects) before.  The whole experience has really been enlightening, not to mention it has made me incredibly aware of accessibility in all aspects of my life.  I wanted to take this opportunity, however, to share how making infographics on the subject has helped me gain a better understanding.

I’m not going to lie, it can be a real hassle trying to sort through all the legalese that go into documents like Section 504 and the ADA.  I can understand if I really slow down and take the time to pick apart things sentence by sentence, but really, how sustainable is that?  Cue: infographics!

The combination of visuals and concise wording makes infographics a great learning tool! They are clearly laid out and follow a specific train of thought, and are certainly more pleasing to look at.  But what I found most valuable in making mine was in translating a legal document into short, lay-man terms.  I felt that by actively taking time to make a simple translation, I gained a better understanding than if I were to write a formal paper.

Making infographics certainly isn’t for everyone. The process of actually designing them was super tedious.  However, here’s my advice for anyone who wants to make one:

1) Choose a train of thought that makes sense to you and run with it
2) Less text, more pictures
3) Infographic templates are extremely helpful!


One thought on “Hooray for Infographics

  1. Hailey-great point! Some of us definitely work better with things laid out visually and your infographics did really simplify so much of the legal janx. Not everyone can make infographics effectively, but for those who can, it’s an easy way to comprehend and demonstrate understanding of the material for the creator as well as make something to convey the message to others. I think that’s a very convoluted way of saying that you made a very good point :)

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