My Big, Fat Digital Citizenship Learning Thing

I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by this project.  My classmates (most of whom are already teachers) have already made beautiful projects applicable to their classroom. However, I let myself get caught up on the fact that I work in education, and yet I’m not an educator.  I kept asking myself “How am I going to do this?”  I needed to be flexible as I work with faculty whose expertise ranges from Fisheries Technology to Health Information Management to Law Enforcement.

So, I decided to make a model and use a standard Humanities course as the guinea pig.

College Success Skills is a 100-level university course with students consisting of dual-enrolled high school seniors and college freshmen. It is designed to give a basic introduction/transition to higher level education for people who have no prior college experience. A perfect time to go over aspects of Digital Citizenship!

I started by making an infographic using Visme.  I tried to keep it simple, colorful, and pretty much blank because I found a fancy-schmancy new website to make my infographic interactive called ThingLink.  You’ll notice that if you click or hover over the icons, pop up bubbles appear. I was able to add text, photos, and links to articles and YouTube videos.

Because I do not actually teach this class, these icons serve as example assignments that could appear under each section. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, using topics that are applicable to my target audience.  The beautiful thing about ThingLink is that this infographic (or any infographic) can be personalized to fill the needs of any class.


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