Hailey B. coming at you with the final assignment,

A remix / mashup to meet the requirement.

To tell you what I learned, what I felt, what changed,

And what definition of remix I arranged.

So first things first, here’s what I know:

This is my story, try your best to follow.

A remix is born, when media already made

Is taken and changed from how it was displayed.

Originally. You create something new.

Through editing, combining. A mash up rendezvous.

But derivative works are sometimes frowned upon,

Breaking copyright law can have its own implications.

If you like to remix, take a word of advice:

Use Creative Commons, it’s a remixers paradise.

If a story is really a signal in the noise,

I thought digital stories were merely digital toys.

I was wrong. It’s more. It’s immersive, nonlinear.

We’re the storytellers of a digital nature.

I then learned that stories speak richly of culture.

And that Red Scare America was full of some vultures.

Commercials and films reflect who we are,

These stories model behaviors and cultural norms,

They’re shocking at times, then some are quite clever.

Our great-great-great-grand kids may simply never

Understand it.  These are our qualms.

Foodies, gay marriage, and super clean moms.

Acaba de comenzar, y habrá muchos obstáculos en tu camino.
Recuerda tu promesa.

There are worlds unseen, augmented reality

Las Vegas enhanced. What would be, could be.

Is through another dimension.

Digital stories. Greater comprehension.

I’ve gone from listener to the story teller,

Check back next week when this rap’s a bestseller.

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