For my ED659 Screencast assignment, I chose to focus on some of the features available on Adobe Acrobat X.  The University of Alaska Southeast Sitka has been migrating towards a paperless system, so many of our forms are electronic (be it for a Leave Request, a Room Request, or a Purchase Requestion, to name a few).  During my time at UAS, I’ve become familiar with the basics of form building using Adobe Acrobat.  I’m asked to help people with their own form-building skills on a pretty consistent basis, so for me the topic of my screencasts was a no-brainer.

The following screencasts were recorded and edited using Camtasia Studio 7 (because Camtasia Studio 8 wouldn’t download correctly on my work computer):


 Importing a Form Template

Building a Form

Styling a Form


These videos were made on two separate computers.  I used my work computer to film the actual screencast because my personal laptop at home does not have Adobe Acrobat X.  All of the editing and narration were done on my laptop.  There are parts that feel rushed to me because I filmed before I had any narration prepared.  In hindsight, if I try doing a screencast again I will attempt to have a better game plan as far as narration is concerned.  

In my opinion, the narration was the hardest part.  I was able to figure out the technical part of Camtasia relatively quickly, but being able to find a balance between hard-to-understand informal and a robot was by far my biggest challenge.  To me, this particular assignment has proven to be the most difficult.

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  1. I really appreciated that even with your disclaimer, the presentation flowed well. You could see that you were working through screens effectively, and your narration seemed simple, which is a real help for those who are less tech-connected. I was very impressed with your use of focusing tools like the magnification buttons, spotlight, and however you got the text boxes to pop up and then fade for specific instructions. Very awesome!

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