Grok & Korg: Intellectual Property

I know it’s not Thursday yet, but it’s time for a Throwback (Nousion style)! We’ve just focused on a Collection dedicated to all things ADA. It was great fun, but I felt it would be more fun to go back and examine intellectual property.  Namely, my thoughts compared to those of Dan Ho and Sarah Frick. […]

Fire Away!

So here is where I get to ask questions about ADA and ADA-related things that I can’t answer. Overall, between reading the required material and putting a solid effort in the Understanding the ADA assignment, I feel like a have a pretty solid foundation.  However, since this kind of stuff is really determined on a […]

Hooray for Infographics

This is a brief Think About Your Thinking blog post. I can honestly say that I have never delved this deep into the Americans With Disabilities Act (and surrounding subjects) before.  The whole experience has really been enlightening, not to mention it has made me incredibly aware of accessibility in all aspects of my life. […]

The Creative Commons

I chose to license my photo “Cob House” under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial Licence.  Although this photo wasn’t specifically made for this class, it has been used on my website before.  I wanted to license something 100% original rather than things that include derivative CC works.   Cob House by Hailey Barger is licensed under […]

Get Productive!

Unf**k Your Habitat.  The recommendation from Sarah Frick on Twitter (and the name of the app) interested me enough to download it for myself for the productivity assignment.  I wasn’t disappointed! A handy App I came across related to productivity #nousion Unf#*@$ Your Habitat — Sarah Frick (@janesaid6) July 8, 2015 The app […]