Hooray for Infographics

This is a brief Think About Your Thinking blog post. I can honestly say that I have never delved this deep into the Americans With Disabilities Act (and surrounding subjects) before.  The whole experience has really been enlightening, not to mention it has made me incredibly aware of accessibility in all aspects of my life. […]

Thinking About: Digital Citizenship

I spent several hours last night sifting through what seemed like a never-ending pile of informational sources on digital citizenship.  I’ll admit, Storify was a great start.  I recommend it to anyone who would like a conveniently easy way to search through numerous digital platforms and bookmark pertinent information. I knew I wanted to use […]

Think About My Thinking

With this being the last day to put the finishing touches on my First Collection (and me needing 10 more points to reach a max 75 super-duper bonus points), I figure now would be a good time to reflect on some things. As an ONID student, I already had a domain name, a WordPress blog set up, […]