The 7 Stages of Taking an e-Learning Class

(A Make & Share assignment as told by Hailey using animated gifs)
EDIT (6/8/15): These gifs were made using  While this site offers several ways to create your gifs, I opted to use the Video to GIF method by filming myself with the camera on my cellphone, uploading them to the computer, and clicking the Video to GIF (videocamera) icon.

Stage 1: Excitement

“So you’re saying this class is completely asynchronous and I can do it from home? That means pants are optional. THIS CLASS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!”


Stage 2: Panic

“So much to do, so little time. Crap, I don’t even know what Digital Citizenship is! Okay, okay…let’s just see what my classmates are doing. Maybe I can find some inspiration from them.”


Stage 3: Depression

“My classmates are all professionals in their field and have already aced the first several assignments. I can’t even get my blog working correctly. I’m such a failure!”


Stage 4: Determination

“You know what? Those inspirational YouTube videos were right! WATCH OUT WORLD: I’m about to knock this assignment out of the park.”


Stage 5: Procrastination

“Hey, that assignment wasn’t so bad. I have two weeks until my next due date. I suppose could get an early start on….OMG is that a new season of Orange is the New Black?!”


***DISCLAIMER: Depending on how many assignments are during the semester, Stages 1-5 can repeat multiple times.***


Stage 6: Relief

“Final assignment submitted. My e-Learning course this semester is COMPLETE!  If you need me, I’ll be on the floor in a puddle.”


Stage 7: Reminiscence

“You know, that class was pretty fun. I don’t know why I was so stressed out about it. I can’t wait to take my next e-Learning class!”

2 comments on “The 7 Stages of Taking an e-Learning Class

  1. This wins the “funniest and insightfulest” post award for the day (at least). I need to do one that follows the same model but covers the 7-stages of Teaching an eLearning Class … the stages would pretty much stay the same.

    And, yes, pants are optional, but I have an unfortunate story about taking that a little too literally…

    Seriously: well done.

    Could you share a bit about how you made this for those who may have never made an animated GIF?

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