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With this being the last day to put the finishing touches on my First Collection (and me needing 10 more points to reach a max 75 super-duper bonus points), I figure now would be a good time to reflect on some things.

As an ONID student, I already had a domain name, a WordPress blog set up, and a personal Twitter account.  That part was pretty straight forward.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though, as I did run into some frustrating technical issues in transferring my domain and blog from Bluehost to Reclaim Hosting. Obviously these issues were resolved since you’re reading this entry on my beautiful Reclaim-hosted blog.

Out of all the required assignments, the thing that has the largest learning curve for me is Twitter.  Oh, Twitter.  It is a blessing and a curse.  I understand the social and intellectual networking opportunities of Twitter.  I understand hashtags and general Twitter mechanics.  However, for something that only allows 140 characters, I find Twitter to be the most challenging activity so far.

I think it stems from Twitter being a constant.  In this other assignments, you complete it and you move on to the next thing.  In Twitter, submitting a tweet is not the end. There is a constant flow of content and information.  For me it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or like I’m drowning try to keep up with everything.  It also makes me feel exhausted — like I always need to share something thoughtful or meaningful or else…I’m not sure. Lose my Twitter-cred?

Does anyone else ever feel this way?  Is there a tool or trick to being on Twitter without feeling like I have to be glued to my phone or computer 24/7?

That being said, I think Twitter is a required part of this course for several reasons:

  • It’s a great tool for networking with peers and experts
  • It’s a great way to share ideas and content
  • It’s instant, widely-used, and mobile
  • Tagging (hashtags) make it very easy to search for topics, ideas, issues, etc.
  • It’s a tool to help build better Digital Citizenship

If I could travel into the future and give advice to the next class of ED654 students, I would recommend they learn about the significance of hashtags and participate in various Twitter chats if the opportunity presents itself.


One thought on “Think About My Thinking

  1. This reminds me that I should do some kind of screencast or other thingamajig about “information like water.” It’s a crucial mindset in this time of overflowing information and overlapping social networks, but perhaps nowhere more so—or more evident—than with Twitter. Because you will drive yourself crazy trying to “keep up” with Twitter. And I think we all drive ourselves crazy if we attempt to always be thoughtful or meaningful!

    Twitter is a social and creatively constrained network…let it be what it wants to be. Don’t try to be thoughtful ALL the time. Don’t try to keep up with everything. Let searching and hashtags do their job. Dip into it when you want a drink (or to go for a boat ride, or whatever you want to make of the water metaphor), as when you go to the faucet for some water, instead of trying to capture it all, all the time. We are used to operating in environments of artificial scarcity…but that isn’t the case with superabundant things like the Twitter network. That’s my advice/position anyway.

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