Thinking About: Digital Citizenship

I spent several hours last night sifting through what seemed like a never-ending pile of informational sources on digital citizenship.  I’ll admit, Storify was a great start.  I recommend it to anyone who would like a conveniently easy way to search through numerous digital platforms and bookmark pertinent information.

I knew I wanted to use Storify to present my “Exploring Dig Cit” assignment (gotta love those 2-for-1 deals). It was nice.  Instead of the hassle of going back and forth between WordPress and Storify, I just started writing directly on my Storify board.

At first I wasn’t sure what to write.  I had at least 7 different “models” to choose from (Chris was right about having a hard time narrowing them down).  I thought back to what Alan Levine (@cogdog) wrote on Sarah’s blog several days ago: write for yourself first.

And so I wrote.  I started analyzing one thing at a time and wrote down my thoughts.  I found, in my writing, that I began breaking down things in ways that mimicked my own thought processes and reflected on my own personal experiences. And you know what? Digital Citizenship made SO MUCH MORE SENSE!

The assignment really helped to answer a lot of my questions about DC.  I couldn’t help but notice that many things I found were a loose (if not a verbatim) representation of Doug Belshaw’s work.  Can’t wait to actually read his book now to tie all of these ideas together!


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