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The following videos were created as part of the ED659 Video Production assignment. The first video I filmed (How to Bottle Beer) was captured using a Nikon Coolpix S3000 digital camera and a tripod.  However, due to some unfortunate camera malfunctions, the other two videos (How to Keg Beer and How to Pour Beer) were captured using my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active smartphone.  Unfortunately I did not have a tripod for my phone, so some of the footage is a little shaky.  All of the videos were shot in a 4:3 ratio (650×480).  All video edits were done in Windows Movie Maker 2012, including the music, narration, transition effects, and text effects.  All of the music used is royalty-free and was found at  Narration was written and voiced by myself using a mic’d headset and the “Record Narration” feature on Movie Maker.  I exported the .wlmp files to .mp4 video files using Windows Movie Maker 2012, then uploaded them to directly onto YouTube.

To give you some background about the videos: Aside from my job at the University of Alaska Southeast – Sitka Campus, I also work part time in the taproom at the local brewery, Baranof Island Brewing Company (BIBCO).  For this video project, I decided to make instructional videos for basic tasks that happen around the brewery with the help of my boyfriend, Adam, who is a brewer and fellow BIBCO employee.  I got written permission to film from the owners before starting this project.  If all goes well, one of the videos might be featured on the BIBCO Facebook page!

If the embedded videos refuse to play, you should be able to click the headers to take you directly to the YouTube URL.


How to Brew Beer


How to Keg Beer


How to Bottle Beer

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