Visualizing Digital Citizenship

Create a visual representation of what you feel it means to be a Digital Citizen. There is no right or wrong way to go about this — think of this assignment as an opportunity to gather your thoughts in a way that shows us who you are and how the concept of Digital Citizenship makes sense to you.  Examples include: drawings, videos, mind-maps, collages, animations, etc.  Creativity is highly encouraged!

Please include a brief written explanation to go along with your visual (1-2 paragraphs).


1) Laying the foundation for this class by gathering your thoughts on Digital Citizenship.
2) Explore ways of expressing your thoughts creatively.
3) Create a reference/reflection point for future assignments [we will complete this assignment again at the end of the semester and reflect upon how (or if) our views or ways of thinking have changed].


My Complete Assignment:

Digital Citizenship Tree

I’m not exactly sure why, but it made sense to me to represent Digital Citizenship as a tree. Just as the roots serve as the foundation of the tree, I am the foundation that my Digital Citizenship “grows” from.  As my Digital Citizenship tree grows, it starts to develop branches.  Each branch represents the path to establishing a distinct quality necessary to make me a strong Digital Citizen.  As each branch matures, it begins growing a leaf.  The leaves act as the gatekeepers — filtering content to allow my Digital Citizenship tree to remain robust and healthy.

The 5 leaves of my Digital Citizenship tree are:

  • Knowledge: the ability to use/understand digital tools
  • Communication: effectively exchanging information with others
  • Responsibility: the awareness and practice of digital safety/privacy
  • Participation: adding to the overall Digital Citizen discourse and collaborating with others
  • Respect: maintaining a level of appropriate digital conduct


My Grade:

I give myself an A for clearly explaining my ideas, my creativity, and because there is no right or wrong answer for this assignment!

3 comments on “Visualizing Digital Citizenship

  1. I like the tree. What program did you use to create it? I want to create an image but I don’t really know what programs are out there.

  2. Excellent assignment idea…this is another of the posts I read yesterday that made me happy because in it you not only predicted a future assignment, but improved on it. I’m using this idea as part of an assignment in the next Collection!

    And well executed…I particularly like that the leaves of the tree are filters (and feelers) into the environment that is you. A nice visual and metaphor. I look forward to seeing what other branches (or whatever fits their own visualization) other students decide are important enough to be included in their conception of digital citizenship.

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