Work Together: Short Story

Nousion Pizza: A Collaborative Short Story

For this assignment, I partnered up with Curtis Rogers to create a collaborative short story in real-time on Google Docs.  You can read what he has to say about the process here.

After reading some of his personal blog, I approached Curtis with the idea of writing a short, creative story.  Although he identifies himself as a “do-it-all-myself” kind of person, he was very open with the idea.  There were two “rules:” all 10 keywords (pre-determined by us) had to be incorporated before we could end our story, and we had to take turns writing.  Other than that, we could write as little or as much as we wanted about whatever we wanted.

Ultimately, the goals were to encourage creativity and keep us as flexible as we worked together.

Most of our communication during this assignment occurred on Twitter via Direct Messages. This sort of just fell into place since the partnership originated when I replied to a Tweet from Curtis. In hindsight, it probably isn’t the most efficient method of communication, but it worked for us since we would receive instant phone notifications regardless of where we were.

Google Docs proved to be a great platform for this kind of work as it allowed for both real-time collaboration and saved our progress if we couldn’t immediately take a turn.  We used different color fonts to identify our writing (in case you’re wondering, I was blue and Curtis was green).  I think if we were to do another project like this it would be beneficial to use GChat or something similar rather than Twitter.

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  1. Very entertaining. I would be an anxious mess if I had to write a short story with someone. You both did a great job keeping the story going and adding to the plot.

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